Congratulations on your new cosmetic tattoo!

  For the first 3-6 days the colour intensity of your tattoo will be significantly darker, larger and sharper that what is expected for the final outcome. Although the area may appear to be healed in under two weeks, that is only the initial healing. Your skin will not be fully healed for at least 4-6 weeks, at which time the true colour of the tattoo will be visible.

  Please be aware that one procedure cannot ensure the desired outcome. We offer one free touch-up service within 3 months of the first procedure and any additional touch-ups will be done at a discounted rate. 

It is best to choose an aftercare product that is formulated to be used on a fresh tattoo or is safe to use on broken skin. DO NOT use Vaseline, Noxema, Neosporin, or Bactine on the newly tattooed area. We recommend all natural (preferably organic) aftercare products, with no perfumes or dyes, for your fresh tattoo. 

How do I take care of my new tattoo?

  • It's very important to never touch your healing tattoo without first washing your hands thoroughly. Only touch the area with your clean fingers and only when necessary. As much as you reasonably can, keep the area clean, dry, and free of potential irritants while itis healing (10-14 days) and use minimal moisturizer on it.
  • Approximately 2-3 hours after your procedure,  gently wash the area to remove any lubricant, ink and blood/fluid that is on the surface. 
  • First remove any makeup you are wearing on your face (disposable makeup wipes are ideal). Next, lather a small amount of a mild, natural liquid soap (we like Dr. Bronners unscented soap) with warm water in your clean hands. Very gently rub the area with your soapy fingers and rinse clean with warm water.
  • Do not scrub or use a cloth. Use a clean towel or paper towel to pat the area dry when you are done washing, and after every time they get wet. Do not apply any moisturizer after this first washing.
  • In the following days when you normally wash your face, remove any makeup first and then use the unscented natural soap in place of your usual soap. Never scrub the tattoo and always pat it dry after.
  • Limit the amount of time the tattooed area stays wet or damp. Avoid swimming, soaking, excessive sweating, saunas, and hot yoga for at least 10 days. Quick showers are OK.
  • Within a few days the tattoo may feel dry, tight, and itchy. It may form a scab or peel like a flaky sunburn as it heals over the next week or two. You can apply a minimal amount of moisturizer during this phase if needed to hydrate the skin and relieve discomfort
  • Do not scratch or pick at it! This can be the hardest part of healing any tattoo. Do not pick off any flaky bits, let them come off naturally.
  • Choose a simple unscented moisturizer than is easily absorbed by your skin. A plain lotion or coconut oil is recommended. Only apply a very small amount once or twice a day to your clean, dry tattoo to reduce discomfort.

Special Considerations for Cosmetic Tattoos:

  • After 2 weeks the area should appear healed on the surface, but your skin is still healing. The colour may appear light initially and darken as it settles in over the next few weeks. After 6 weeks we can do another session if required.
  •  Do not apply any makeup to the immediate area during the initial healing process (10-14 days). Take extra care when applying or removing makeup/products on surrounding areas.
  • The pigment will fade with time, but no guarantees can be made as to how quickly and evenly it will lighten due to many individual factors. Always protect the area from sun exposure when possible and avoid laser treatments or aggressive exfoliating treatments directly on the tattooed area.